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can white labs sweet mead yeast ferment at low temp?

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Jimmy K:
Alternatively, you could let it ferment to dryness, then add sulfite and sorbate to nix the yeast. Backsweeten to your (wife's) liking with honey. That will help with the honey flavor/aroma too. Unless you want to avoid sulfite/sorbate.

Thanks but I would prefer to avoid the sulfate and sorbate. We have some friends who are allergic to sulfates and my palate is quite sensitive to sorbate. Besides, the taste of backsweetening with honey is just not the same as having residual sugar in a mead.

Jimmy K:
Understand that. You should write to White Labs and ask them how low it can go. I'm sure they know all about it.

So I inoculated a 1L starter w/ a very fresh vial of wlp720 30 hours ago and held at 50F. After 24 hours no activity, the yeast just laid on the bottom of the flask. So I ramped up to 60F and within 6 hours, full krausen. I guess this answers my question. I can ferment at cooler than optimum temperature but nowhere near white wine temperature.  I guess I'm gonna put my money on D-47. Thanks again for the suggestions.


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