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Any Lord of the Rings fans here?

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How is that new Hobbit movie?

I thoroughly enjoyed it and so did my wife and son. If you liked the LOTR trilogy movies you'll like this too.

There are 2 more movies in the works, the 2nd part of the hobbit and the 3rd part which is meant to bridge the gap from the end of the hobbit to the beginning of the LOTR so you can watch them as a single 6-part movie once they are done. The 3rd movie will be based on notes and info from the appendices of the LOTR.

Cool. I will buy it tomorrow. It will be a good weekend to be snowed in with that, my new Bonamassa blu ray, and a basement full of beer.

Some dumb parts (radaghast) but worth a watch I guess .... Assuming you have enough beer.

I really liked it a lot.  Then again, I'm a big fan of the books and movies.  My wife really liked it too...then again, she doesn't like any of the Star Wars movies.


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