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Favorite beer you've ever brewed?

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--- Quote from: hopfenundmalz on March 23, 2013, 02:55:52 PM ---A German Pilsner in 2010 that was darned near perfect.

--- End quote ---
Based on my taste test this weekend, this might be my answer.  we'll see what the NHC judges say in a few weeks.   8)

otherwise, a few batches of my robust porter or the "what the funk is that smell?" guava perry with french saison yeast I made last summer would be high on the list.  And just about every IPA I've ever made.


I think my first all-grain batch was my favorite, a wedding beer for my best friends. I was paranoid, anxious and scared. I measured and re-measured all of the ingredients, studied and re-studied the recipe and formulas from Denny's site and in the end it all went perfectly and the beer turned out fantastic.

Gotta be my IIPA I brewed last winter. Did a triangle tasting with Double Trouble and Hopslam and couldn't decide which I liked better.


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