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Favorite beer you've ever brewed?

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My dry-hopped Ofest that I brewed last year. It was my first lager and it just nailed the combo of hop aroma, malty richness and a nice lager yeast note.

I'm forever chasing a series of bitters made back in 2007 that tasted exactly like ruby-red grapefruit juice. Amber color and hopped with columbus and cascade. I could do no wrong and made this beer all summer long. Ever since then I can only get hints of grapefruit in my beer.

This like asking me which is my favorite kid....;)

That said, on two sides of the spectrum, there were a couple all FWH kolches I brewed that were so outstanding I was sorry it was only 10 gallons. And my IIPA recipe is a favorite of mine as well.

There was also a cherry, cinnamon dubble I made for Christmas aged on toasted cherry wood several years ago that was really amazing to me and it was one beer that really aged out nicely 2 years later. It all went into champagne bottles and I was really sorry when I opened the last one that is was the last one. One thing I had done with that batch was make my own cinnamon candy sugar. I'm not sure how much pf the cinnamon remained in the beer but it was fun and tasted really good before going in beer.

I make a double decocted OFest every year for our Mountain Party which seems to get better every year.  But I'd say my Steam Beer is about perfected.  Hmm, but so is my Pilsner Urquell and Guiness clone.  I'm with Keith, too hard of a question!   :)


A Pliny clone I brewed a few years ago.  I could never get that great blend of hop flavor and aroma again.


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