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Dear Naming Committee:

Since APA, EPA, and IPA are already defined and taken, may I suggest: 

XPA = eXtra Pale Ale = "session(able)" IPA.

I define an XPA as "a pale ale that's extra hoppy (prominent hop flavor and aroma) and extra dry (like an IPA)."  There should be some leeway with respect to hop bitterness which can range from clean and restrained like some APA's hopped with Magnum or Warrior to boldly prominent like some IPA's that have been hopped with Columbus, for example.  Having said that, I prefer the restrained, clean bittering approach when trying to showcase hop flavor and aromas.

I like SIPA.  It sounds like sippah, which kind of works for the drinkable session nature of it.

You can SIPA all day long.


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