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I just finished A Memory of Light.

I think I started reading this series in 10th grade (I'm 34 now).  It's hard to believe that it's over.

Brandon Sanderson did a fantastic job.  I can't imagine what a daunting task that must have been.

I started reading it maybe 10 years ago.  I was about half way through the 7th book when Jordan died and decided that if it was never going to be finished that I didn't want to invest any more time in it.  I'd almost decide that even before Jordan died!  Now that I know the final book has been written, I dove back in about a week ago.  Slowly starting to recall WTF was going on.

Hmm, haven't heard of this one before.  I've been looking for something new to get into.  Just downloaded The Eye of the World to my Kindle.  Thanks.

One of my favorite all time stories. Amol was fantastic. It ended just the way it should. Brandon Sanderson did an amazing job finishing the series. But I must day, books seven through ten were very dry and hard to get through. Well worth the trip. I started this series in'92. Was very upset when Mr Jordan died. I would recommend this series to any one who is a fan of fantasy.

Here is a great resource for Denny and anyone else who might get lost in that plot:
It gives a brief synopsis of every chapter, and links for every name, place and plot twist, so you can figure it out.


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