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Well screwed that up

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Ok I bottled my nut brown partial mash kit on March 8. At that time my beer was a crystal clear dark brown and had a really nice nutty taste I was shocked how good it was. I just opened one and and was super cloudy and very bitter with a grapefruit after taste. WTH??? The beer has completely changed since putting it in bottles. I followed the bottling instructions to the letter I even got brand new bottles. Everything was sanitized and clean. Is it possible that it just needs to sit longer or is it trashed? I am so frustrated. >:( >:( >:( >:(

klickitat jim:
How much hotdog did you add? Just kidding... sounds like it needs a little mote time

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I would say to give it more time for sure. It could just be that the yeast is taking its time to settle down to the bottom of the bottle. Grapefruit and bitter make me think that it is yeast that may be bringing up some hop components. If it doesn't get better in a couple weeks, or you start getting bottle bombs, it could be an infection...

I believe beer needs to be bottle conditioned for four weeks.  Chill it for a few days, then try it.  I wouldn't worry about anything until its been in the bottle for a few more weeks.

micah h:
I hope it's not infected, but if it is don't throw it out. Experiment with it, you may have more infected batches in the future. When I had an infected IPA i tried lots of things to make it drinkable; adding juice, adding juice concentrate, vodka "bad idea." But in the end i found coating a frozen pint glass with lemon juice, like vermouth on a martini glass, and turning the glass a complete 360* while i poured made it a lot more drinkable.

Actually it was a whole lot of drinking bad beer, to get to the point of drinking "not that disgusting of a beer." So maybe you'll just want to throw it out. But hopefully it just needs more ageing! Good luck.


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