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Accidental clone?


So a few weeks back I brewed up an ordinary bitter.

10 gallon batch
3.75 kg california select
3 kg munich 10L
.5 kg c40

Mashed at 162 for 45 minutes

5.3 IBU pacific Gem FWH (calculated as a 20 minute addition)
10.9 IBU Pacific Gem at 60 minutes
7.3 IBU challenger at 20
4.4 IBU challenger at 10
4.1 IBU belgian goldings at 10
35 grams Belgian Goldings at 0

Pitched a 2 liter starter (actually 2 1 liter starters) of WLP002.

OG 1.040  FG 1.012

fermented at ambient (55-65 night day swings) in the spare bathroom. for a couple weeks and cold conditioned for about 3 weeks.

Anyway. THe other day I was in the local bottle shop and I noticed they had the Timothy Talyor Landlord in bottles. I am sure that this beer, after a 6000 mile trip in a bottle was not at it's best but I grabbed a bottle because I was curious and I had heard so much good stuff about it here.

Since I had it at home I figured it would be fun to compare to my homebrewed bitter. Poured about 4-5 oz of each into identical pint mason jars (my tasting glass of choice) and was astonished to realize they were EXACTLY the same color and clarity (mine might have been a touch clearer as the Landlord was bottle conditioned)

The Landlord had a creamer smoother and slightly longer lasting head but then mine had only been in the keg for about 5 days.

Tasting them... again, astonished. They tasted so similar. The landlord had a slightly fuller, maltier, sweeter note and mine had a hit of dyacetyl (I think) but the bitterness was spot on and the hop flavour and aroma were spot on.

Anyway. Just thought I would share this story of an accidental clone.

You have inspired me to finally try that beer, anyway!


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