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British Summer Ale


I'm thinking of trying something that falls into this somewhat unofficial style.  Anyone have any suggestions?  A friend asked me to make them some beer and I said that they had to make it and I'd help them.  They want something "lighter" in colour so I thought about a blond ale or maybe this style. 
Is there a difference?  If so, what is it?

First thought at a recipe (and this hasn't run through Beersmith yet).

9 lbs Maris Otter
1 lb wheat - just cause
1 oz EKG @ 60
1/2 oz EKG @10
1/2 oz Fruity hop of some sort (Mosaic, citra, amarillo, cascade???) @ 10
10 mins could become whirlpool hops

Want to keep it pretty simple for the first attempt.
No idea how this would work but what I've read seems to mention some fruity hop character and not all classic English hops.  Sort of a hybrid US/English hopping regime.

Made a similar  beer in the fall. Used a little light Carastan (~17L) and torrefied wheat.

Had some light summer ales last time in England. Had a couple with American hops, and saw a pump clip for one with Galaxy.

Edit - don't be afraid to get the sulfate level up for these.

I had a beer at the beginning of the month dubbed a "NZ session ale" that was basically a blonde ale with some of those fruity New Zealand hops in the late boil and probably some knock out or dry hop additions as well. It was a really good beer.

You could sub out some of the wheat for a lighter crystal malt but you're fine using the MO with wheat for a slightly drier flavor. If you do want to toss in some light crystal malt you could get away with using a basic two row/pale malt instead of MO.

EKG will be fairly neutral with some grassy and floral notes so that is what you are looking to pair with. I think cascade or amarillo will give you the most refreshing character to the beer but any would work well.


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