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Wyeast 2352 Munich Lager II

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Anybody have experience with this yeast?

I'm going to try it in a Munich Dunkel in a few weeks.

I was attracted by the description which promises low sulphur and diacetyl.

First I've heard of this yeast, perhaps I'll give it a try.  I don't brew too many lagers due to the fact that I only have one chest freezer and it ties up fermenter space for 6 weeks to do lagers as opposed to 2-3.

I brewed a lager with Munich II the other day.  A lager that I usually use Munich in.  The Munich II had a more crisp, dry finish, tasting the terminal gravity reading as I racked it over for lagering.  I think I am going to prefer it.  You may lose some sweetness in the Dunkel.

Anyone have an idea of the brewery of origin?

Well, I brewed my Munich Dunkel last night.  According to Wyeast, the minimum fermenting temperature for this yeast is 52 degrees. 

I read some posts on another forum that made it sound like running this strain lower than the recommended minimum was a bad idea, so I pitched at 47 and set the controller to 53.

We'll see how it turns out...


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