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Fayetteville, NC?


So I'm visiting my brother this weekend and I'm staying in Ft. Bragg, is there any decent brewpub near there? maybe in the Fayetteville area?  Hopefully there's something as I need my craft fix!

Sorry it took this long to respond. You have two options, Mash House has long been a great brewpub, but their brewer left last year for greener pastures so I'm not sure the beer is still as awesome or not. The other option is Huske Hardware House and to be honest I have never been a fan. I cannot think of any great beer bar in Fayettenam. Grapes & Hops was a good beer store at one time, but I haven't been there in forever.

Stop the presses, there is a Mac's Speed Shop in Fayetteville. 482 N. McPherson Church Rd
Fayetteville, NC 28303 - they generally have a pretty stellar beer selection at the other locations and the cue is good too.

That's about it.

Thanks for the help, went to mashhouse  unfortunately their beer was about average to nasty (the stout tasted oxidized). Yeah not much out there in Fayetteville, just happy we were there only for a weekend

I was afraid MH might slide when the brewer left. Fayetteville is military and generally beer consumption in that area is more effect than flavor.


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