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Coconut wine, anyone?

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--- Quote from: morticaixavier on March 26, 2013, 12:14:13 PM ---I've used coconut sugar in a beer and it came through well. 3 lbs in a big wheat wine. I think your scheme might just work.

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YES! As mentioned above, this came to me in a dream last night but I was reading the forum before gonig to bed and I think I remember seeing your coconut sugar wheat wine mentioned. HAHA! The subconscious works in strange ways! Thanks for the suggestions!

Morticai, is it less fermentable than ordinary table sugar? Wikipedia is telling me it is a "low glycemic" food. Either way, I'm sure it'll make booze.

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not noticably. That one went from ~1.096 to ~1.006. I am sure it is somewhat less fermentable by weight as there is some non-sugar mass or at least it doesn't appear quite as purely crystaline as table sugar

Jo Diesel:
So what happened? I started reading and got to the point where things started to get interesting. I was going to say to grate up the coconut and roast like half of it fore a little more flavor.


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