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carb prob with soda in keg


did a 5 gal rootbeer extract kit by simply adding sugar, water, and extract. put it in keg 5 days ago at 50psi and still taste flat. only dropped psi to 30 to serve. i know this is prob high but i was just checkin carb level. i have no leaks and its the only keg running in the keezer right now. does anyone have any clue what i could be doin wrong? i need to fix asap kids are on me every hour about it... by thee way i have never had a prob with beer carbing up in this setup.

Shake the hell out of the keg at 50psi at 5 second intervals until it's right. Ought to do the trick.

What is the temperature?  It should be totally carbed by now, has the 50 psi been on it the whole time?

What Euge said... when its on its side, you should hear the CO2 bubbling into it. I left mine at 36 psi for a week or so and it was seriously foamy. I was only using 5 ft of beer line. The CO2 quickly left when the foam settled... just no enough line... ran a formula that said I should be using 20 ft... not going to happen.

ill try too shake it some more at 50 psi hopefully it will work. the temp is at 37 deg. thanks for the feedback


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