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Interesting 'Recipe Drift' happening here.  It had been a long time since I input the recipe into Beersmith, and had forgotten the source.  So last night I was musing over the latest iteration of it and thought, "I'll check Brewing Classic Styles to see how it compares."

Well as it turns out that is where it originally came from.  Duh!

Here is the recipe straight from the book:

7 lbs British Pale Ale malt
1 lb. Crystal 80
10 oz. Crystal 120
8 oz. Special Roast (50L)
6 oz. Pale Chocolate (200L)
4 oz. Carafa Special II (430 L)

So my first thought was to sub out the Pale Ale malt for Maris Otter (nuttier)
Then sub the Carafa for BlackPrinz (Carafa not available at my LHBS)
From there I changed some amounts, asked for your input...

Apparently I'm my own worst enemy.


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