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Hi all - I'm new to the board.  I'm still new to home brewing and only have one batch under my belt (2 more on their way!) I'm brewing my first 2 from kits, my third will be my first recipe. It's between a honey hefey or this, a banana wheat. I've built it in BeerSmith2. Please let me know what you think - I'm in need of help!


3 lbs - Extra Light DME
3 lbs - Wheat LME
1 lb - Carapils
2 oz - Hallertauer (60 min)
A few cinnamon sticks (flame out or final 5?)
Orange peel (5 oranges - flame out or final 5?)
WL3068 (weizen liquid yeast from Wyeast)

Planning to add bananas, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg to secondary.

TARGET STATS (before secondary additions)
OG - 1.049
FG - 1.012
IBU - 22
SRM - 5.7
ABV - 4.8%

Have at it - please!

Wow! Good luck on that one!

You don't need the carpils. Carpils is for adding dextrines and body and extract beers usually suffer from an over abundance of dextrines and body. Other than that you malt profile looks fine.

The other additions: Personally, I prefer beer flavored beer and you have a little too much going on there for my tastes but then again I remember when I first got into home brewing and all the crazy ideas I had so I can't fault you too much. ;) brew this one and then try your hand mastering a simple pale ale.

ummm ... thanks, zimaclone?  lol

majorvices - just about everyone has told me i have a little too much going on here.  i will definitely remove the carapils.  i've seen others add their spices to the boil instead of the secondary for holiday beers and the like.  would that assist with taking out a bit of the sweet "bite" i may get from this brew?

i'm brewing this one for the SWMBO.  she wants a wheat beer with a banana flavor.  would it be as simple as brewing a basic wheat and using the yeast i've chosen, which is supposed to give off a banana aroma and taste?  do i need the other spices?  like i said, most people are telling me there's too much going on, but i'm not getting a whole lot of other suggestions.  i just want to make sure i don't waste money on something that won't be drinkable.

i really appreciate your help, truly!

Ok sorry about that. I would macerate really ripe bananas, place them in a sanitized mesh bag, and rack on top of them in secondary. You could go without the bag but the beer might be hard to separate from the nanners. Or the yeast might give you enough banana? Keep in mind, fermented fruit often tastes far different than fresh fruit. I'd also make strong teas out of the spices and add, a little at a time, to a glass of finished beer until you get the flavor you want. Then scale up for the rest of the batch and bottle. Otherwise it is hard to get the right amounts and ratio of spices by just adding to your secondary and hoping for the best. I'd also use all wheat lme if it's intended as a wheat beer. Hope this helps. The spirit of homebrew is strong within you! Now go forth and brew your Drunkey Monkey!  And brew it with all the love you can muster every step of the way!


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