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klickitat jim:
I flip flopped around not long ago. It appears to me that the style guidelines are like a dictionary for brewing. There's no law against experimenting but using the wrong words is confusing. I guess what I'm saying is brew away. But I am new too and recently began to appreciate the value of the dreaded rules. Lol
I bought brewing classic styles and plan to brew their tried and true recipe first, whenever I venture into new territory. Then I can tweak from there once I speak the language of that particular style.

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This is how I see recipe formulation and styles. I like to imagine what I want to taste in my head first. Then I look at the simplest way to make that beer. Once I make it the first time, I can add increasing complexity of additions, because I already know where I am starting. As you get further into recipe formulation, you will know what things do naturally, but when you are starting out, I am a big fan of the simpler = better method.

For example, if I were trying to make a beer similar to yours, this is how I would approach it.

I want a beer that has the following flavors: Banana, cinnamon, vanilla, honey.

Ways I can do that: 3068 (Banana, Clove)
Add bananas
Add vanilla
add honey malt
add honey (backsweeten), (only with a keg).

If I were making this, I would just use 3068 to start. When the beer is finished fermenting, I would then diagnose how it tastes, and where it differs from what I had imagined. There are some things you can do to the beer post ferment. You an add tinctures, possibly add more fermentables (bananas). Other things you have to wait until the next batch.

Good luck.

all of you guys rock and i truly appreciate the insight/knowledge/advice.  i'm going to give this a go in the next couple of weeks.  i will keep the board posted!

thanks again.

Just one more note.

I like to taste a few examples of the style or beer I am thinking of brewing. With the beer market like it is you can almost always find an example of very nearly exactly what you are planning to taste.

In this case I would (I can't beleive I am going to say this) try the Will's Banana bread beer first. And have your wife try it to. This is a beer with Banana in it. then get a Sierra Nevada kellerweiss this is a beer with banana esters from yeast. Which one are you trying to get?


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