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I agree with Major on the carapil and additions.  Since you have so many additions I would suggest a neutral yeast like US-05 and save the 068 for something where you really can enjoy the phenols it produces...
Just my 0.02.  Let us know how it turns out.

I would scrap all of the spice additions and just go with 3068.  Ferment at 62F.  See how you like it that way before you start adding a bunch of stuff to it.

great feedback - thank you very much.  i think i may scrap most of the additions, but may add cinnamon to the end of the boil and bananas to the secondary, just to see what happens.  i'll stick with the banana-y 3068 yeast.  also - i've read that you'll get more of a banana/clove taste at a higher temp with this yeast.  is that not the case?

one other thing - how do you guys feel about the idea of adding honey malt to this recipe?  i'm just trying to make it a little more exciting than simple, but simple may be the way to go.  again, i'm a noob - i apologize if i'm thinking too far out of the box (or have wandered out of the box altogether).

If you go with the bananas, they'll probably float so be sure to "punch down the cap" a couple times daily. Stir'em in gently to mix 'em in and prevent mold, etc from growing on the bit floating above the surface. If you try to add too many flavors, the flavor of the finished product might get too muddy. Keep it simple.

You will get more than enough banana with 3068 on its own if you ferment in the upper 60s or lower 70s. Above that it starts to develop some undesirable bubble gum flavors (strawberry and banana).


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