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klickitat jim:
I have a Belgian dark that I brewed march 10th. Og was 1.070. I'm aiming at a FG of 1.018 ish. I want to know if I can age it in a keg and should I carb it for the first few days? Will storage in a bedroom closet be ok? I plan on tapping it around thanks giving

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You don't need to carb it, but I like to put enough pressure on the keg to seal the lid tight.

The keg is my favorite aging vessel.

Just like with cellaring bottles, I like to keep them cooler than "room temp" - my basement is around 62-64F. But if the closet is the coolest place you've got, go for it!

Put some pressure on it to seal, then check it 24 hours later then again every month or so to make sure its holding pressure. The last thing you want is for your precious aged beverage to be exposed to air for months on end!

klickitat jim:
Perfect, thanks.

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