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Ok I bought another oz of Columbus so I should be all set.

One more question. I bought some sweet orange peel. Should I throw that in at flameout?

This beer has been carbing in the keg for a few days and I had a quick taste yesterday. Damn it is overly bitter and pungent. There is no malt character for the hops to hide behind and it is in your face, almost lip puckering bitterness. My efficiency was very bad for this batch so my OG was only 1.043 with 33 IBUs. I had no idea that 33 IBUs could be so over the top. Not sure this beer will be very drinkable unless it mellows a lot in a couple of weeks. Now I know what all columbus can do in a light bodied low OG beer.

Hop schedule ended up at
7 g Columbus 60 min
14 g Columbus 20 min
14 g Columbus 10 min
14 g sweet orange peel 5 min
21 g Columbus 0 min
28 g Columbus dry hop

Mark G:
Keep in mind, for future batches, that orange peel in the boil will give some bitterness. Also, it's still early, let the beer clear completely before you start drinking it. Yeast in suspension will give the beer some extra "bite." Using gelatin, isinglass, etc. will speed the process.


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