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Janet's Brown Ale: grain bill discrepancy?

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On the AHA wiki, Janet's Brown Ale calls for 27.5 lbs two-row for a 12-gallon batch:

In Brewing Classic Styles, Janet's Brown Ale calls for 12 lbs two-row for a batch that eventually, after boiling, trub loss, etc., yields 5 gallons (p.41).

Is the discrepancy accounted for by the difference between 12 vs. 10 gallons, where measurements are accounted for slightly differently? It's a pretty big spread.

The 5 gallons in Brewing Classic Styles is in the keg/bottles.  All of Jamil's recipes are 6 gallons at the end of the boil, 5.5 gallons to the fermenter, and 5 gallons to the keg. This includes CYBI episodes.

Did you check the efficiency of both recipes?  Jamil generally uses 70% effeiciency.  That is my guess...

Brewing Classic Styles: 70% efficiency (p. 40).

I just noticed another difference.

BCS: OG 1.066; FG 1.016, or 6.6% ABV.

AHA: OG 1.074; FG 1.018, or 7.4% ABV.

So the BCS version has more grain but less alcohol? Hrrrrm.

Yeah, there are 2 different versions of Janet's, a regular version and an imperial.  The imperial is the on that won the specialty category at NHC.

I would choose which of the 2 recipes you want to brew and go by grain percentages and calculate it based on your system and your efficiencies.  Never brewed it, but I hear it is a great recipe.  I prefer my own India Brown recipe.


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