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Blichmann Kettle with False Bottom

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I've seen several references to people using the Boilermaker kettles with a false bottom as their boil kettle.  I see from Blichmann's manual that this is not recommended.

From the manual:

"It is not suitable or recommended for use as a boil screen since it will impede the convective flow of a full rolling boil and may lead to scorching of the wort."

I've been thinking about upgrading my kettle and using the false bottom in it as a boil kettle so I can do less hop bagging and to hopefully help filter out some trub.

Anyone have any thoughts of the wisdom of doing this?

I wouldn't do it, Blichmann is correct. You're trapping the hottest part of the boil under a screen, I would expect burned wort. The Blichmann design probably traps more, but I can see the same problem with a standard punched-hole false bottom. And any trub that gets underneath it could end up trapped and burned.

I agree with thatgeekguy don't use a false bottom in your boil kettle. I chill to about 100 and whirlpool thane let it sit for 30 45 min undisturbed.......very little trub or hops in ferm

Our 30 gallon BK has a false-bottom screen. Seems to boil just fine, there is no scorching or apparent caramelizing, and it does capture a large amount of hop debris and trub.

So I have been doing it wrong all these years? Pico system false bottom.


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