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Must PRVs be mounted vertically?


Hi.  I just received a pair of GWKent PRVs with 1.5"TC and discovered the outlets on the top of my brite beer tanks are 1". Long story, but since this means using a reducer can anyone tell me if these must be mounted vertical or can I elbow from the 1" to a reducer and mount the PRVs at 90 degrees?  I have a space problem above the tanks and this would save me a lot of work.  Thanks in advance.

I would guess the orientation doesn't matter at all, but I would email GW Kent and ask them to make sure.

Also, the fittings for 1.5" and 1" TC should be identical on the outside, just have smaller holes through the inside.  At least, that is the case for my equipment.  So you should be able to hook the 1.5" to the 1" without any kind of reducer.

Tom is correct 1-1.5 TC are a standard size with common gasket and clamp size.

If they are spring-loaded, then orientation won't matter much.  If they are gravity-style (like a pressure cooker), then orientation is everything.  If you shake them and they rattle, then they are gravity-style.  The spring-loaded valves won't make a sound.

Yup sure enough, they do fit.  That's what I get for not checking before I asked.  They didn't look like they would fit but they do so moving right along....  Thanks  :-[


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