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1 BBL garage system with automation

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Sorry, I meant cost for your entire setup.


--- Quote from: flbrewer on June 10, 2013, 09:32:10 AM ---Sorry, I meant cost for your entire setup.

--- End quote ---

About 8K for the kettles and pumps and automaton. Another 5K for the fridge. 3K for the serving tanks and kegs. 1k for all thee tapping filling and gas equipment. Another 3-5K in misc stuff like growlers, hose, fittings, pumps, grain storage, etc. Too much...


klickitat jim:

Little temperature controlled fermentation chamber is nearly completed so I thought I'd share some pics.  This took me several weekends and I still have to insulate the ceiling and paint the floor with some heavy duty concrete and decking paint.  That and I'm on the hunt for electronic thermocouples to monitor conical temps externally.


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