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1 BBL garage system with automation

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About the orientation of the photo.....just don't try to brew that way. 

Do you move everything outside when you fire up the burners or just open the garage door?

What are you going to do with all that beer?

Wow, great set up and really like the touch screen!

nice!  I am green with envy!  I have a stout tank HLT/Herms and use tri clamps and silcone hoses in configurations similar to yours and have been feeling decadent about moving from a one pump system with a complicated manifold to two pumps.  I see your touch screen indicating that  you have 4 separate pumps.  I can't tell from the photo what kinds of pumps you have, and how/why you need 4.  I doubt my system will ever exceed 20 gallons, (10 gallon batch, maybe an odd 1/2 barrell), but wanted to know what drove that decision.

I like the pallet dolly in the photo's... Really gives another perspective to the size of your system.


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