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growing hops hydroponically

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Has anyone had any experience with growing hops in a hydroponic environment? My neighbor has a hydropnic system for growing flowers and vegetables and he said we could experiment with some rhizomes.  Before I engage in it just want to know if there is any feedback from the forum.

Never done it, but hops are said to like dry feet. That is, well drained soil so they don't have root rot, or get a fungal infection (that may be a problem with hydroponics).

Several years ago a guy started a thread on about his attempt to hydroponically grow hops.  After a long growing season he abandoned the project as a complete failure.  He managed to get a few sickly leaves to grow but that was the extent of it.  Part of the problem is having a room 20' tall for them to grow in.

Hydroponics can be done outside...


--- Quote from: euge on March 29, 2013, 02:24:45 PM ---Hydroponics can be done outside...

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Yep. Here in CO lots of people grow the dank outdoors with hydro. I got my mom to plant hops in her garden last year and they didn't do much. I expect to maybe get a harvest in the 3rd year.


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