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Amber Ale Recipe- Input Please

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Would like some input on an amber recipe I'm trying out. This is really my first all grain experiment outside of a kit, and I just kind of decided to wing it. Any suggestions/critiques are welcome. Thanks!

9lbs 2-Row Pale
1lb Crystal 40
1lb Biscuit
.5lb Dextrine

Mash @152f for 60 min

.5oz Columbus @60
.5oz Columbus @10
1oz Columbus Dry Hop

WLP060 w/starter recommended by Mr Malty

Too much biscuit.  Cut that down to 4 oz and you're good.

I agree with dmtaylor, on the biscuit, but nice recipe.  I may want to try it. I wish I would've been smart enough to make my first few all grain batches with such a simple grain bill.  Let us know how it turns out.

I agree re: biscuit, but I don't think that is dark enough for an amber. If you want the crystal in there, maybe 1lb C80, or .25 C40 and 1lb C80. You could also exchange some of that pale malt for Munich, and go 1/2 and 1/2 munich and pale, or 2/3 pale and 1/3 munich. Simplicity is nice though.

And do you even need the dextrine? Usually the body is round enough without such additions. And I'd cut back on the 40L too. You'll still get an Amber. Oftentimes an "Amber" has Munich in the bill somewhere but not absolutely necessary. And maybe a "touch" of something dark like a chocolate malt.

Restraint and simplicity. If you don't get enough of what you want first time around then you can tweak the recipe.


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