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Hop stand for increased flavor/aroma

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--- Quote from: crabber on November 09, 2009, 12:32:05 PM ---Partially cooling the wort sounds interesting.  That was actually my first thought when I first read this post yesterday.  It must change the way the hops are isomerized.  Is the effect similar to FWH?  Where did you get the idea?

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My understanding is the temp drop is to prevent isomerization(and resultant extra bitterness) and maximize hop flavor and aroma by not driving off aromatics in a boil. TimO suggested the recipe several years ago as an excellent APA to try but I didn't do it until recently. I would think this technique yields more hop flavor and aroma than FWHing. I don't have FWH data points, so someone else with experience with both techniques would have to weigh in. Cheers...


--- Quote from: maxieboy on November 09, 2009, 03:45:36 AM ---It works. A couple of months ago, I did a Shark's Tooth Pacific Pale Ale clone that calls for a flameout hop addition, cool wort to 180* and hold for 30 min. No IC here, added flameout hops, let stand 5 min, then heat exchanged(10g, 10 min.). Finished beer had killer hop flavor and aroma with pale ale bitterness. Awesome brew! Here:

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That recipe comes from my good buddy, Bob Girolamo.  He used to own Shark's Tooth Brewing Co.  More of his killer recipes are archived at

Cool, thanks for the link! Sure to be another gem there. The next best thing to brewing and cooking is checking out recipes! I know I'm not the only one who enjoys sitting with cookbooks and beer recipe sources searching for the next great find! Cheers...

Wow, thanks for posting that recipe source Denny!

Well this thread has gotten my creative juices flowing.  I've been wanting to build a hopback for a while.  I wonder what would happen if you chilled the wort to 180 or so with an immersion chiller, then ran it through a hopback to a counterflow chiller?


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