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Are you performing a mash out step to raise the overall temperature of the mash to near 168F?  If not, and you are just applying higher temperature sparging water, I can imagine that the higher water temp is the primary reason you are seeing higher efficiency. 

I do perform a mash out step and see several points increase as the temperature rises (I use a RIMS). The use of higher temp sparging water could simulate that effect.  If you are just doing single temp infusion, I think that a mash out step infusion could provide benefits too.

Kai's Batch Sparge Simulator predicts just under 87% efficiency for that grist weight and those volumes.  It looks like you got just over 87%, so you might just be getting what you are expected to get.  For moderate gravity beers like this, 70% is a low expectation and would require only 80% conversion.

As far as hydrometer calibration, all but 1 that I've ever owned has been off.  The one I have now was pretty close when it was brand new, but it is off by 4 points, now.


--- Quote from: fmader on March 31, 2013, 12:55:19 AM ---OK, I need everybody's two cents here. I brewed a single hopped Citra pale ale that I created the recipe for. Since I've been brewing all grain since June 2012, I've consistently hit 70% efficiency with my mash to within +/- .002 for my OG. My last brew before this one was a Red IPA with a target OG of 1.070, but I hit 1.078. I wrote this off to the increased sparge water temp. I had been sparging with 170ish degree water and upped it to 185 because of some advice from the forum. So yesterday, I decided to brew the Citra pale ale with the recipe derived from 70% efficiency and use the 185 sparge water...Just to see if this becomes a trend before I switch up my recipe calculations. I also decided to not use the pH stabilizer that I have always used per advice from Denny. The brew went very well....until I took my OG reading and found that I over shot my 1.057 target OG and hit 1.077! So, I want to see what everybody has to say about this. Say I increase my gravity by .005 to .007 by using the higher temp sparge water. Could I have increased the efficiency that much more by dropping the pH stabilizer????

I used the same grain mill and settings that I've used since October.
11 lb Two Row
.75 lb 40L Caramel
.5 lb 60L Caramel
60 minute mash @ 150 degrees in a blue cooler
I mashed with 5.5 gallons and batch sparged with 3.5 gallons

Not that overshooting this is a terrible thing if it happens all the time and becomes consistant. This has just never happened before. Needless to say, this is no longer a Citra APA. It is now a Citra IPA. I used 2 oz of Citra in the boil and planned to dry hop with a 1/2 ounce....Well, we're just gonna have to up that dry hop addition to 3 ounces!

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IME, when i changed to milling my own grain, my efficiency went up. when i switched to batch sparge, and adding sparge water that raised the grist to about 168F, my efficiency went up. i had been consistently in the 70's, and now range 85-93% mash efficiency. grind, time, temp, and thorough rinse all helps hit higher numbers.

+1 on the 5.2 stabilizer not being a factor


--- Quote from: fmader on March 31, 2013, 03:17:57 AM ---My hydrometer was calibrated...can one become uncalibrated? I never remember to take a pre-wort gravity reading. I'm going to start making sure I do.

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