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Brett in Berlinner?

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I had a Berlinner weisse that was just not getting very tart so I added some dregs from a really tart lambic I had on the shelf.  After several months I am now getting a nice tartness but also some Brett character.  Is this out of style for this beer?

I also intend to make some woodruff syraup from the Zymurgy recipe.

No, brett is not out of style for Berliner Weisse.

At an NHC presentation last year, they said that brett provided a "more authentic German" flavor to Berliner Weisse.

+1 to Jeff's comment.  Mostly lactic, but a note of brett is an enhancement to flavor.

Jimmy K:

--- Quote ---A mild Brettanomyces character may be detected, as may a restrained fruitiness (both are optional).

--- End quote ---

My favorites have used organisms cultured from wheat malt - who knows what is there, but the flavor is more than one-dimensional sourness.


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