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--- Quote from: klickitat jim on April 07, 2013, 07:55:01 AM ---These two are already at 1.010 after just two weeks. 8 days at 50 and 6 days at 60. Hydrometer sample tastes great, no acytaldeyde or sulfur. But carbonated so its still working. How crazy, huh? I'll take a read in another 7 days and start my decent to lagering temp. Going to drop 3 a day to 36 then rack to kegs for lagering

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Good pitching rate and temperature control are the keys and it sounds like you hit the mark, so in a few sort weeks, enjoy!

klickitat jim:
Sweet, thanks

"Freedom is temporary unless you are also Brave!" - Patriot

klickitat jim:
I pitched yeast on the a month ago. They have been in the kegs a week.  I took a sneak preview and they are amazing.  Simple, subtle, tasty, addictive, and clean. The wife took a taste and said best larger she ever had. She normally tells me the truth so I think I hit a homer. Thanks for the help!

Now to let them age a month and enjoy on a week of vacation.

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