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Mulling possibility of opening a homebrew supply shop -- we're barely legal here in Mississippi -- wonder if anyone out there has insight into startup costs and inventory?

I have no idea of the costs if you want to go full store front right away, but the guys I know who have started recently have started out of their garage or office and then opened storefronts when demand was enough.  Just a thought for a cheap way to get started.

Tom has good practical advice, but check with an attorney - with the legal limitations there, you should be advised on the law from zoning limitations (operating out of your home or garage) to what products have restrictions (prohibited sales to minors, for example) to any licensing requirements your state may have.

As Tom mentioned, from a business perspective, start on the smaller side and let demand dictate growth and offerings - many of the products have a short shelf life and you don't want to be known as the guy with the older, nearly expired yeast.  One shop near me sells the yeast on a sliding scale based on freshness...just one example for a smaller operator.

Good luck!

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Contact the AHA, they have some background they can give you.


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