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What's Brewing This Weekend - 4/7 Edition

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We've not done one of these in almost a month, so I'll get it started...

I'm brewing, but I can't decide if its going to be a Dortmunder, German pils, or more Czech Pils (I have 2 kegs currently lagering of CP that is just mindblowing so far).  Any nudges in the direction of either style will be considered  ;)

I'd say go with the Dort.  I love to have that on tap at my house.
I am going to brew a Double Bock this weekend.  There's really not enough time before the MCAB, but I am going to try to have it ready anyway.  I drank all the batch that won the qualifier.

that's how I was leaning - will be looking over your notes again.  hope you can make it to the Blowoff jeffy - I have some killer IPA that will be on tap at the party and i'm hoping I can get Matt at TBC to give us a keg of Red Dragon Imperial Red.

I'm doing a Dortmunder as well on Sunday.  First time I'm brewing this style.

Don't know if I'll be brewing or not, I'd certainly like to.  I've currently got a batch of my black IPA fermenting in a keg and I want to see how that goes first before brewing anymore to see if I want to keep fermenting in kegs. I suppose I could just ferment in my carboys, but if I fermented in kegs, I'd have space in my chest freezer for 4 beers fermenting instead of 2 when I use my carboys. And I can transfer in a closed system with kegs.


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