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ball lock conversion kits


Anyone know a good place to get these? I see them around $20 a kit which seems to be a lot considering I have 4 pin lock kegs I am hoping to convert.

klickitat jim:
Seems reasonable. Cheapest would be finding someone to swap with. But if you got the pin locks cheap, 80 bucks ain't bad.

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Joe Sr.:
Wouldn't pinlock disconnects be cheaper?  Get 'em with the flared fitting and changing them should be easy.  One set would do all four kegs.

Thanks guys. Not sure what the best option is but the circumstances are a bit strange. I am temporarily living with someone who has an all ball lock set up so the fix will most likely be temporary. We plan to collaborate and brew on our own but need extra keg capacity.

It seems like I may be able to just unscrew the tubing from the pin lock disconnects and connect them to his system... I may not need to purchase anything


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