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Fantastic Amazon Sale

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My email gave it to me as a gold box deal. I figured it was that price for everybody. It was a one day only sale. Last time I got a deal like that in my email it was for all 4 of the Alien movies in blu-ray for $29.99. I waited until I got home from work to order and by that time the sale was over. So this time I ordered immediately.

Yeah, I'm assuming they had a run on them since it the price is higher and it is now a 11-14 day wait for them.

The sale did say one day only or while supplies last. They probably set the price back where it was as soon as they ran out of stock. The following is from the email I got

Dear Amazon.com Customer,

Customers who have shown an interest in similar titles might like to know "Star Trek: Original Motion Picture Collection" is the featured Deal of the Day at Amazon.com. This offer is valid today only, April 4, 2013, and while supplies last.

Save up to 59% on the list price of the "Star Trek: Original Motion Picture Collection" on DVD and Blu-ray in our Deal of the Day.

This showed up in my mail today. I just ordered it the day before yesterday. I didn't expect it until at least Tuesday.


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