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Adjustable Pressure Relief Bung


So a few weeks back the idea of a pressurized secondary fermentation came up in another forum discussion (Here: and I decided to order the part and try it out.  I'll be brewing this weekend and I'll be using this bad boy during the secondary fermentation:

I'm hoping adding this will get a jump start on forced carbonation by pressurizing the CO2 let off during the secondary fermentation.  Time will tell if the pressure of ~12 psi will release out of the valve first or push the bung out of my keg first.  I'll let you know how it works!

It sounds like you are using a sanke keg as a fermenter, a 2" Tri-Clamp fitting will fit right over the top and you could use some adapters to hook your pressure relief valve

Yep, brewing 15 gallons and fermenting in sanke.  That's awesome!  I was thinking about getting a collar or something I used to use pipe fitting.  Sounds like with some slight modification, that would keep the bung in.  Thanks!


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