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One more idea if it still exists - I have bought online and from stores, but some of the moistest, and very flavorful vanilla beans I have found were in test tubes from Costco.  They were big, long Rodelle beans.  Two tubes, each holding five beans.  I don't remember how much they cost but I recall it was very reasonable.  I still have one sealed tube's worth.  It would be worth a call to your local Costco if you have one and are a member.

I have been getting vanilla beans from for many years. They have great prices and the most plump and juicy beans I have ever used.

I have gotten very nice beans from Penzeys Spices also.  Kind of pricey but there is a local store and were very good quality.


I order my vanilla from the spice house in Chicago myself, and have been very happy with them. Usually this is when I order spices for rubs and the like as well.


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