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La Folie

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La Folie is my wife's favorite beer. She buys it almost every time she sees it.

I am glad she also likes my Flanders red, which is not quite as sour, and has a bit more funk.

I have a couple of these in the secret beer cabinet. After doing the tour before GABF and drinking a fresh keg of it right next to the foudres back in October, I had to stock up.

And Le Terrior is another good one - showed that you really can dry hop a sour!

La Folie is also one of my favorites.  My wife and I had a private tour by one of the bartenders a few years ago and had a sample right out of the perlick in one of the foudres (is that what they call those big old casks?).  That was one of those can't-stop-smiling days. ;D

Sucks, the one I had a couple years ago tasted like vomit. Guess ill have to give it another shot.

There was a sign on one of the vats that said, "BAD BELOW HIS LINE."  Maybe you had some of that.


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