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klickitat jim:
My three centennial, cascade, and Willamette arrived today. I'm thinking of planting in half wine barrels on the deck and running them up the south end of the house. How do they like pots?

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I bet they will be fine in barrels.  My concern would be a big enough pot, but a barrel should work.  At least for a few years.  You will want to fertilize and compost every season or even repot them after a few years to replace depleted soil nutrients.  They like nitrogen, and they need a butt-ton of water, especially in pots.  Just take care not to drown them or they will rot -- ensure you have drainage holes at the bottom of the pots.

klickitat jim:
Cool. I'll fill pots with miracle grows moisture control soil and fertilize with triple 16 and bone meal.

"Freedom is temporary unless you are also Brave!" - Patriot

Their growth will be seriously limited in pots.  Hops form huge root balls.  You might not notice for the first year or so, but after that they won't grow much.

Here's a good article on growing hops in containers. I think a wine barrel is a good sixe if you do choose to go the container route for your hops.


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