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Rye of the Tiger!
« on: April 06, 2013, 02:39:12 AM »
Great Lakes hit a home run with this new release! I was very happy with their Alchemy Hour, but this is absolutely stellar! I had it on tap at a local restaurant yesterday. I bought a 12 pack today. Both tap and bottles are equally great. It pours a very light golden color. As you drink it, it starts out mouthy but dries our rather quickly on the palette. It is pretty piney tasting. I immediately thought Simcoe. I checked out their website to find out that I was correct. It's hopped with a combination of Columbus, Warrior, and Simcoe. When I originally read about the release of this beer, I figured that it would be a 4 pack specialty. Nope! It is sold in six packs at $9 at my local giant eagle! That's a pretty nice price for a beer with 7.5% ABV. I highly recommend this IPA!

Great Lakes has quickly risen up my list of favorite breweries over the past year or two.... At least Cleveland has one thing going for it  ;)