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New Hop yard...any advice?

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I got 3 cascade rhizomes ready for planting today.  I've read a book on the subject and feel pretty comfortable with the process: Planting them horizontally in hills, lots of compost, setting up a tent trestle, etc.  Does anyone have any last minute tips or best practices?  Anything would be helpful.

Get 'em into the dirt.  The sooner the better.  Sitting in the fridge is waiting for failure.  You sound like you've done the right research, now go for it!

My only advice is find the "sunniest" place SWMBO will allow them to be placed.

Thanks...I has them in some compost in the time I had between receiving and planting.  They look pretty good.  I'll post a pic later today.

After on week, hops are growing well.  1 vine is at 3" and the other 2 are at 2' tall.  I'll begin training up the trestle next week.
Watering every afternoon.

I'd be careful about watering them daily if they are new plants. Since they don't have much growth above or below the surface if they are overwatered there's nowhere for the excess moisture to go but sit around the rhizome. However that doesn't mean you necessarily are overwatering them by watering daily. If there is good drainage then daily may well be the appropriate frequency.


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