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Stillwater Artisinal Cellar Door American Farmhouse


I'm not generally a fan of herb/spice beers. Even the ones I think are good I can generally only enjoy in small quantities. This beer is kind of a cross between a wit and saison with white sage and dry hopped with Sterling and Citra. The hop character isn't what I'd expect, and it definitely takes a back seat to the sage. But that's actually OK. The sage works really well here. The nose hints at some savoriness, but the flavor reminds me more of a smudge stick/incense than a savory herb.

There is some subtle hop fruitiness, a firm bitterness, and just enough yeast spiciness. Everything is perfectly balanced. There is just enough acidity and fizzy carbonation to balance the thin mouthfeel and make this beer really drinkable. It's not typically my style, but I'm really impressed by this brew.


I finished up the bottle last night. As the beer warmed up the sage definitely started to become a bit more potent. Still a good beer, but I think my limit is probably 1 in a session. Still, I really liked how their saison yeast worked with the wit malt bill. I'm wishing I would have cultured up the dregs.


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