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I can get a bag of avocados at Costco on the dirt cheap, I think you get 6 or 7 for $3 or so. Problem is they are rock hard when I get them and I never can get through the whole bag before I have to throw them away. And it's tricky trying to plan dinners when you never exactly know when even a single avocado from the store is ripe.

And one know any tricks on quick ripening or storage of avocados?

If you keep them in a bowl with citrus fruits they'll ripen faster, or at least that's the old wives' tale. It seems to work for me.

Once they ripen they will last about a week in your refridgerator


I did this one time, i put an apple and a orange in a paper bag with the avocados, and it helped them ripen faster. I guess the fruits give off some sort of chemical that helps the avocados do their thing.

Also, a few avocado things u can make:

Gwak a mole eh - Mush those suckers up with some lime juice, sour cream and a salt and pepper. Yum.

Sub for Mayo on a sandwich, much healthier too.

Add them to a whole grain tortilla Queso dilla.


I have an avocado tree at my house which finally started giving a lot of fruit in the last two years.  It's the same for me - they pretty much all ripen at the same time.  I think if you put some in the fridge, some on the counter and some in a bag with fruit you could space it out pretty well.  I leave mine on the tree as long as I can.  They taste the best ripened on the branch.


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