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What do mixture do you use for your hops?

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Just wondering what type of soil combination everyone is using out there for their hops. I want to change it up this year. Typically I will just top off with organic soil but want to use either manure,compost,or some sort of mixture but there are so many options at the store. Any input would be helpful.

I use dirt

I just used good top soil last year when I planted and they did pretty well for first year hops. I planted eight more rhizomes this year and mixed two bags of manure/humus compost into the 8 mounds. The top soil for these mounds is from the same source as last years. I'm expecting better results this year. I got them in the ground much earlier this year too.

klickitat jim:
I'm using a half wine bbl filled with miracle grow potting soil and a scoop of cacca doodle dookey

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I planted in a combination of garden soil and manure compost. The local soil is terrible here so I planted in containers.


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