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I just spent a couple of days on the Oregon coast, and as I usually do, went to the local grocer looking for beers Ihave not tried.  I bought two from Ten Barrel Brewing (from Portland I think): an IPA and a Black Ale.  Both were conspicuously good.  I hope to try more soon.

They're in Bend.  Nice beers. :)

Before the NHC we spent a few days in Bend with friends who are now living there. We did the Bend Ale trail, going to all.

10 Barrel is their favorite, the beer was very good, food was good, atmosphere was excellent.

When we were in bend there were 10 breweries. Now there are 12. You need to make a trip there, if you have not.  ;)

12 breweries!  Yes, I'll have to plan a trip.

Just got back from my trip to Oregon on Saturday, which included a trip to Bend and 10 Barrel. My second time at 10 Barrel and have to say the beer is very good (as well as the food). Probably my favorite there after Deschutes.

Yes there are 12 breweries in Bend but not all the breweries were great. We hit up all of them (we were there for 3 days, so not all in one night). The best of the bunch: Deschutes, 10 Barrel, Crux, Three Creeks (in Sisters), and Boneyard. Good but not great: Old Mill Brew Werks, Silver Moon, Old St. Francis (McMenamins), Bend Brewing. Not so good (in my opinion): Cascade Lakes and GoodLife.

Just amazed how much the city as grown since my last visit just two years ago.


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