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Slow, restricted flow

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Hi, I am hoping someone can help me.  I have one keg in my inventory that has been having problems with flow into/out of the keg. When I siphon in through the Out disconnect, I can feel the flow is restricted as theres pressure when I am pumping the auto siphon.  It then takes about 5 times as long to siphon the 5 gallons.  Then, on the dispensing side, the flow out is a trickle. I've tried replacing the poppet on the original Liquid Out post, nothing.  I then replaced the Liquid Out post altogether, nothing.  Between every use, I completely disassemble the keg & clean/sanitize every part so I know its not something clogged.  The keg I just racked to was perfectly clean & sanitized but the flow was restricted even with the new Liquid Out post/poppet.

Does anyone have any ideas here as I am stumped?  Could the dip tube be a hair too long & is too tight against the bottom of the keg?  But on the other hand this keg used to flow fine.  Could there be anything on the Gas In side that could be causing an issue?  The only thing I have not replaced on the Liquid Out side is the gasket on the dip tub & the dip tube itself.  Would tightening the post too much cause any sort of restriction?  I'm at a loss here....


--- Quote from: jmd71 on April 08, 2013, 02:06:21 PM ---Could the dip tube be a hair too long & is too tight against the bottom of the keg?

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Look through the opening when the diptube is in place (with the post tightened) and see where the end of the diptube sits.  If the keg is full, I would try bending the diptube a touch and see what happens.  As for why this is happening now . . .  maybe the gasket is worn enough that the end of the diptube spins into the side of the keg now?  Not sure, but it is worth checking.

Thanks, I'll give that a shot.  Would it help to replace the gasket by any chance?  Would that make a difference?  I have a whole bag of 'em so would be relatively easy.  Just a bit of a pain as the keg is now full.  Like you said, maybe when I'm tightening the post it's twisting into the side of the keg blocking the flow.  Not sure if a new gasket would prevent that or not.  Strange how it wouldn't happen on any of my other kegs though...

It happens to some of my kegs and not to others.  I'm not really sure why.

Some of my dip tubes are straight and some are bent. If the bend is too sharp, the tube flattens at the bend and causes restricted flow. Like a kinked garden hose. This can be frustrating, especially when kegging is the last step before enjoying the fruits of your labor!


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