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american porter recipe
« on: April 15, 2013, 03:44:57 PM »
Hello, im tired of my basic classic porter recipe and im trying to jump to an american point of view. The malt bill is:

69% pale ale malt
11% munich malt
5% caramel 40
3% caramel 120
2% carapils malt
7% chocolate malt
2% black patent

I always use magnum at 60 minutes and northern brewer at 20 minutes to achieve 40 IBUS with an original gravity of 1065. I use windsor dry yeast. In few words, im tired of coffe-chocolate-littel diacetyl flat flavors.

I'm planning to use the same grain bill and same hops (magnum and nb) but with a different hop usage. What if a split those 40 IBUS into 20 at FWH and 20 in late hop if making and APA in enhance hop flavor and arome with a subtle aroma of caramel and toasted malts?

For the yeast i will switch to US05 with lower temp profile for a clean flavor

For water adjustment....if im using brun's spreadsheet...what do you recommend me for water profile? black bitter or pale ale profile?

I know this approach could be more a black ipa instead of a porter. Can anyone help me on tips, or hop bills, or anything else?


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Re: american porter recipe
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2013, 03:58:52 PM »
Your malt bill looks pretty good. I'm still tweaking my porter recipe, but my hop bill is 20 IBU's of Nugget at 60 minutes for bittering, 10 IBU's of Willamette at 15 minutes and about 7 IBU's of Cascade at 5 minutes. This is for a 1.045 OG, for something in the 0.75-0.8 BU:GU range. I don't find it anywhere near a Black IPA in bitterness or hoppiness, but it does have a nice level of hop bitterness and late hop character. I target the "Black Bitter" water profile in Brunwater.

I think the key for "americanizing" your porter recipe is to switch to a clean yeast, and maybe adding a moderate charge of West Coast-type hops later on to have just a hint of American hop character. Something like Cascade/Centennial/Amarillo. That's my tastes at least, YMMV.
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