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Bruery Saison de Lente


First of all, this is just a damn good Saison. There's no real funky ingredients, no dry hops or spices, just a well-made beer. I only pick up the faintest hint of cherry pie way in the back, but otherwise the Brett character is quite subdued. It almost drinks like a spicy tripel.

This is my first time trying anything from the Bruery, and I'm impressed. I'll have to try to hunt down some more of there brews.

Love everything of theirs I've ever tasted.

We don't get Bruery here in Texas but I found Saison de Lente in Colorado a little while ago. I agree, it is a very well made saison with a very straightforward flavor. I really like the yeast character in a saison and sometimes it's hard to find a good saison here that isn't bowled over with hops or spices.


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