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Honey - add in boil or at flame out?

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Hi folks!  I know, I know, I know - this question has probably been answered elsewhere, but I'm looking for YOUR opinion.  I'm brewing my honey hef from extract for the first time this Friday night.  I've scaled the recipe down quite a bit as this will be my first from-scratch recipe.  Here it is (followed by a question I'm really hoping you all can help me with):

3 lbs. wheat dme
6 oz. honey malt (steeped)
1.5 oz. saaz hops (1 oz. for 60, .5 with 5 minutes left)
Safale US-05 (going for neutral ferment so as not to mess with the honey flavor I'm looking for)
2 lbs. honey

Here's my question - what the hell do I do with the 2 lbs. of honey?  I've thought about using 1 lb. for the full boil (knowing that I'll lose any and all flavor/aroma from the pound, but will add to the SG I really need), then the other pound at flame out (letting it rest for 10 mins at flame out with hopes I'll pick up the additional flavor/aroma, along with adding to the OG).  I'm looking for a nice honey flavor on the nose and palate.  Do you think my plan will suffice?

Any help, as always, is greatly appreciated.  Thanks folks!


What really blows off the honey aroma is fermentation.  I make a honey blonde ale (very popular) and add pasteurized honey after the krausen drops.

I wrote an email recently to a brewery which does a honey wheat that has a very nice honey flavor. He told me that they added it after flameout during whirlpool which surprised me. He also noted that higher quality honey makes a big difference...they use local wildflower honey. He noted to use enough to raise the OG by 1 point so I am assuming plato not specific gravity.

I was unable to get additional information regarding the grain bill. If I was attempting to brew something similar to their beer I would probably throw some honey malt in as well considering how prevalent the honey flavor is. Oh...looks like you already have some.

Joe Sr.:
I wouldn't add any of it to the boil.  Add it as late as you are comfortable with/as late as possible.

IME you will not lose all of the honey flavor/aromatics.  Two pounds in that beer should be noticeable.

Use the highest quality honey you can find.  I usually use clover honey and buy it at the health food store.  I think it's Some Honey or a brand like that.  Comes in a half gallon plastic carton.

If you go with cheap supermarket honey, you will likely get no flavor from it.  Much of it is not pure honey.

Do NOT use buckwheat honey.  Worst experiment ever.

I agree with Joe, I brew a honey wheat and all the honey gets added at flame out and retains a nice flavor once packaged and with the honeypot you should be good.

The one thing I'll add is that honey will ferment out and dry the beer quite a bit at 2lbs. You might consider adding in some melanoiden to add back a little body, maybe 4-6oz. Those reuse the beer may be too thin and dry


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