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Honey - add in boil or at flame out?

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--- Quote from: mpietropaoli on April 17, 2013, 01:17:04 AM ---Meadowfoam.  Honey.  2lbs to a 5g batch after first 2/3 of fermentation.

You'll thank me.

--- End quote ---

Big +1 on the Meadowfoam suggestion.

All of you guys rock.  I brewed this batch a couple weeks back using the last recipe I posted, I believe.  I ended up using 2 lbs. of honey at flame out - dissolved and let sit for about 10 minutes.  Fermentation went well and I actually ended up with a FG of 1.000.  Bottled this last weekend and tasted before doing so - tasted absolutely delicious.  The honey is there - not faint and not in your face.  I also got a toastiness from the malt which was an added bonus.  For anyone interested in the recipe, I will post!  It was really straightforward.

I'm working on my first all-grain batch.  I just posted the recipe/process to the all-grain section.  If you guys would be so helpful and review that for me, I'd truly appreciate it.  I've learned a lot from you all already!


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