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2 Nights in San Diego

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Hess was good, though they had the cloudiest Kolsch I'd ever seen when we went to the nano on the NHC tour.

There's Alesmith and Ballast Point for excellent breweries with tours.  Coronado has good beer and is a fun ferry trip to take.  Toronado and other bars on 30th street are good places for beer.


A few links to get you going.

Hess is only operating the nano still- good beer.  Societe, Alpine, Rough Draft, Green Flash, Alesmith are a few of my favorites. Stone has an awesome setting and 20 plus beers on tap that are not theirs-have actually gone and not had any of theirs.

Toranado and Hamiltons  have great selections.

Unfortunately  Monday and Tuesday a lot of tasting rooms are closed :(

Good recommendations. I can add Pizza Port Ocean Beach, which is not too far.


--- Quote from: kylekohlmorgen on April 12, 2013, 04:41:08 PM ---I think the White Labs Tasting Room is a must for a homebrewer:

--- End quote ---

+1 on White Labs. Unfortunately, Chris was not there when I visited. Ale Smith is right down the street so go there too. I'm sure it's been mentioned but Stone and Port/Lost Abbey are worth the drive to Escondido. Green Flash was probably my favorite, though.

Also if you are in downtown SD go to a little place called the Tin Fish. It's one block from the Padres stadium. Great fish tacos and fries! Also, Anthony's on Harbor Dr. is a local seafood institution. I'm from CO so any fresh fish is pretty much mindblowing!

White Labs tasting room should be a visit for every home brewer. VERY educational and tasty. We liked the Toronado also, good food and beer.


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